Where is our office located?

7441 O St #300
Lincoln, NE 68510

For further assistance, please call:


For faxes, please use:



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Step #1

Print and complete the New Patients Forms.
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New Patient Forms

Print both of these

Patient Identification Sheet
Informed Consent
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Step #2

Select the appropriate questionnaire for your situation.

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Print if you are the only person attending counseling.

Pre-Counseling Questionnare for Individuals
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Print if you are seeking help as a couple.
Print this form twice... one for each person.

Pre-Counseling Questionnaire for Couples
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To be completed by child:
Adolescent Questionnaire

To be completed by parent:
Pre-Counseling Questionnaire for Adolescent

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To be completed by parent:
Pre-Counseling Questionnaire for child

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Release of Information

If you would like us to talk with someone outside of our office about your case.
Release of Information.pdf

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Step #3

Submit all paperwork to our office.

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By Mail

If time allows, please send before you come. Typically 3 days lead time is required.

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Bring to first appointment

If mailing won't get the forms to us before your appointment, please just bring all paperwork with you.