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About LCEA

About Lincoln Counseling & Enrichment Associates

Welcome! Life is not easy. Regardless of family background or current resources, problems will arise. Sometimes these problems may seem overwhelming. When this occurs, outside help may be recommended. Counseling can assist people in identifying problems and working toward a resolution. Lincoln Counseling and Enrichment Associates provides a team of qualified professionals trained to help individuals, couples and families attain more positive life adjustments.

At Lincoln Counseling and Enrichment Associates we seek to provide our clients with a caring experience within a professional environment. Through the creative and flexible use of a variety of approaches, our goal is to help every person experience an improved quality of life.


LCEA Mission Statement

Lincoln Counseling & Enrichment Associates is a team of mental health professionals providing counseling and educational services which are Christ-centered and designed to help people live effectively and authentically, discerning truth and practicing reconciliation.



The clinical staff of Lincoln Counseling and Enrichment Associates (LCEA) is committed to providing the highest quality of services within a professional and confidential setting.  While offering direct counseling to individuals, couples and families remains our primary professional activity.  We also provide educational and enrichment experiences for the community.



Improving the quality of life through personal growth or relationship development is always an appropriate goal.  Frequently problems can be avoided through educational experiences that equip and train us to be more effective in different kinds of situations.  Our staff can provide assistance in enhancing your life experience through various enrichment opportunities, such as marital enrichment, parent education, communication training, and instruction for lay counselors.  If you are interested in any of these services please contact us


Treating the Whole Person

LCEA is committed to treating the whole person by addressing psychological, physical and spiritual needs.  Our long-standing affiliation with Lincoln Family Medical Group reflects a recognition that physical needs and emotional well-being are frequently related.  Our adjacent offices and working relationship assures access to a wide range of medical services such as physician consultation, referrals and hospitalization.  We also work with many other physicians and health professionals in the community to ensure collaborative care for our clients.

We believe that spiritual issues play an important part in our daily lives and are a significant component of the healing process.  Each of our psychologists and therapists is a Christian who is committed to a personal faith in Christ.   For those clients who share this Christian commitment, our goals of therapy will be consistent with increased spiritual growth and a more Christ-centered life.  For those clients who do not profess a Christian commitment, it is not our purpose or intent to impose our spiritual mindset and values.  We will only incorporate spiritual dimensions in our counseling to the extent that the client desires and consents.  We welcome any questions regarding this area.



Your sessions are confidential. We will not disclose information unless you sign a release of information. According to state and federal laws, confidentiality may be broken:

  1. If you pose a serious physical danger to yourself.
  2. If you pose a serious danger to another person.
  3. If you disclose that you or another person has physically or sexually abused a child, an incompetent person or a disabled person.
  4. If you disclose that a child, an incompetent person or a disabled person is suffering because of neglect.
  5. If there is a court order compelling us to release information.

We are required to report abuse or neglect if it is disclosed under the conditions given in (3) and (4) to an appropriate government agency.